More Baby Prep Work Completed

February 18, 2009

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So the last couple weeks I’ve been setting up e-mail addresses and twitter accounts for our unborn child, that’s just the cusp of the cusp of the events going on.  Buying and setting up all the baby supplies and furniture, general work around the house to get done before the baby arrives – and juggling this with down time – has been an extra full time job.      I believe I have a complete communication network setup, so everyone on all the social networks will be alerted when the baby arrives – it is teaching me a bit about mass communication.

This is the word we live in, the better you can push out and alert people when something happens, the more people trust you can do it.   Almost every day I’m getting questions about the state of the baby, if it’s here yet, is it healthy?  I field these question as they come in, since it only takes me a second.   You can rest assured that no matter where you follow me on, the announcement will (should) be available.   We’ll find out how good of an architect I really am when it’s done.

P.S – that’s me in the picture

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