A New Blog – Maybe?

February 19, 2009

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Don’t be fooled by the title – Creeva.com is going nowhere, nowhere now, nowhere tomorrow.    Maybe in 2070 however, things will be re-evaluated and it will no longer exist.   I just sent out an idea about a new blog (the only hint I can give you is think disco, but without the suck) to two people I’ve wanted to collaborate with.   Along with this blog comes a podcast.  Since this would be easier for me to do with the participants, this may open up to do a second podcast with someone I used to work with.   Logistical issues takes me to do this project first (though I really want to do the other podcast).

I’m not sure I even have a podcast voice – so it all may just fall flat on its face right there.

We’ll see the feedback I get from the two I’ve e-mailed and go from there- I’m so bad at reporting.  I haven’t given you a single who, only a vague what, and there is no where.  I’ll keep everyone updated though with less vagueness (maybe) as we go forward.

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