Microblog Updates for 2009-03-01

March 1, 2009

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  • another day at work – and no still no baby yet #
  • Car Shopping Over The Weekend – http://s3nt.com/c6n4 #
  • I forgot my lunch today – viva stored pop tarts at my desk #
  • Would More Transparency Help The Used Car Market? – http://s3nt.com/c6uv #
  • Long day so far – a literal long long day tomorrow at work #
  • The Authentication Hole in Autocheck.com – http://s3nt.com/c67t #
  • sigh – too many meetings today #
  • I still have 3-4 hours left in my day – feels like I’m back on pacific time #
  • Waiting for them to reconfigure my server NIC so I can test and then go home #
  • still waiting #
  • why do I have a feeling my server is going to be reconfigured last #
  • in another week or so my hair will be at a length where I don’t hate it #
  • Google Reader Team – Please Implement Authenticated RSS – http://s3nt.com/c9j1 #
  • RT @shanepardue – The Barenaked Ladies without Steven Page? That should constitute a band name change or something. http://is.gd/kPre #
  • Is it spring yet? #
  • visited by grandparents tonight – just got home #
  • tired and cranky #
  • LeVar Burton, The Internet’s Latest Superstar – http://s3nt.com/da0x #
  • so much to do, so little time #
  • water – it does a body good #
  • This weeks chain mail of the week is about a drug recall from 2000 – not even worth blogging about, so just sending out an fyi #
  • We Are Having A Baby – http://s3nt.com/dbme #
  • Baby Update 08 – Alexander was born this morning at 4:34AM #
  • rushing through and taking care of the dogs before heading back to the hospital #
  • Baby Update – 08 – he has a high white blood cell count – being given an IV with antibiotics #
  • Baby Update 08 – the white cell count is probabl high cause mom had a fever of 102.x during delivery #
  • Baby pictures should be available online by SUnday night #
  • I’ll be responding to all the congratulations when I have time on sunday #
  • at home doing another take care of the pets run right no #
  • Oh man by the time I can get to google reader on Sunday I’m guessing I’ll have over 3000 unread items at the current rate #
  • Baby Update 08 – I’m going to try to shoot some video of the baby to upload tomorrow to upload on sunday #
  • I hope the twitterati will forgive me a few days to get back to all the congratulations #
  • Going to take care of the animals – I may post another quick update before going back the hospital #
  • BTW – right now alexander is the biggest baby in the nursery – since when is 8 lbs huge – I was 8 lbs 8 oz. #
  • OK – I’m packed up – dogs are done – back to the hospital for the night – more updates in the morning #
  • Alexander is going to be on the IV until tomorrow I found out right before i left hte hospital #
  • one set of grandparents have stopped by the hospital today – another is on its way #
  • posting via a cell is extremely slow #
  • Alexander has been moved from a standard IV to a saline lock #
  • Ok – heading back to the hospital #

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