Microblog Updates for 2009-03-08

March 8, 2009

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  • still haven’t heard if the baby is coming home today #
  • ok – back to the hospital – got to go see if they will let us bring Lex home tonight #
  • Waiting for my dad to get to the hospital #
  • Lex isn’t get out of the hospital until tomorrow #
  • Spotty cell coverage sucks #
  • You know, your not supposed to use cell phones in the hospital – but the pediatrician answered his while talking to us #
  • Not that I would be using a cell internet connection right now…..*cough* #
  • Sending updates are the highlight of my day when Lex is asleep #
  • Having been someone who watches TV solely through streaming – how do the rest of you deal with all the commercials #
  • Seriously I think I’ve spent more time the last few days watching commercials, then I do in a normal week watching new show #
  • Down with commercial media – streaming internet media moving forward #
  • So baby pictures and reponses back to everyone is going to have to wait until tomorrow #
  • legally blond is such a terrible movie – it’s like dumb and dumber – only slightly better – that’s not saying much #
  • Went out to walgreens and picked up meds for Xie #
  • Alexander is feeding right now #
  • Completely off topic from babies – I think Ryan Reynolds is an underrated actor #
  • l wonder how much longer until everyone gets sick of baby updates #
  • Wish we cloud bring Lex home tonight #
  • Xie just changed her first diaper ever #
  • Going to head home in an hour to take care of pets #
  • We all made it home last night – last night was a rest night so no updates sorry #
  • Cleaning up around the house and catching up on chores – later tonight – baby pictures will be up #
  • Baby Pictures Are Available Here – http://s3nt.com/diq2 #
  • cleaning – hoping to get to replies – email inbox zero – and some blog posts today #
  • Boiling white vinegar in the microwave to clean it #
  • tweaking osx on my original mac mini #
  • ok twitter replies are going to have to wait until tomorrow – replied on my blog, facebook, and myspace so far #
  • 2 new comments on “Groovymarlin.com” and more http://bit.ly/IXUA8 #
  • I’m watching Saw V #
  • Dad is coming over – we are going to install a dishwasher #

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