Microblog Updates for 2009-03-15

March 15, 2009

by — Posted in Lifestream Archive

  • Getting ready to eat something – dreading that I go back to work tomorrow – even though I’m working from home #
  • Getting ready for bed – outside of work I learned major plumbing today #
  • Now I’m going to fall asleep watching the second episode of celebrity apprentice #
  • my email encryption is working slow today #
  • My biggest pain – contact management – no good way to do it #
  • on my great Battlestar Galactica catch-up just watching the final episode of season 1 #
  • Baby is down for now – I’m getting some sleep #
  • grandma was the baby’s first babysitter today #
  • Waiting for the subs I ordered to get here #
  • Falling to sleep #

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