Taking A Net Break

March 17, 2009

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I took a week off after the baby, I worked a week from home, and now I’m back to work.  You would think in that time I would have had time to write something.   That I have so much going on that I should be sharing and contributing, giving you information – either the mundane, interesting, or where you think I am on crack.    I do have ideas, just little effort right now.   You could say that my energies are directed at other things, but it’s not really that.   It was only yesterday that I caught up on e-mail from over two weeks ago.   I did manage in the last week to catch back up on my RSS feeds (that was a huge pain and some feeds I just did the blanket mark as read).

So right now I’m taking the rest of the month off.   Yes you may see some twitter comments here or there, you may see me comment somewhere.   This is me digesting information.  Looking into the reflection pond of the interwebs and seeing what echos back.   I do plan on next month gearing back up to speed.    I do hope to do some writing in what is left in this month, but anything I do write will more then likely get put off from being published until next month.   Of course if there is an “OMG WTF” event I may still do an article.   Alone getting this out for now is just enough.   It is enough effort so no one thinks I’ve vanished.  It is enough effort to make it to completion.  It is enough to reach out ot the community that follows and interacts with me.

I’ll see you in two weeks.

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