Daily Digest for May 18th

May 18, 2009

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Creeva shared 2 links.
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twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: A new day, a new week, new grief for me to deal with [#]
7:56am via Twitter
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twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: @xielanthia keyboards do [#]
11:27am via Twitter
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: @adam_baldwin – no – 99% of the time my is set to do not disturb – learned at sym to do that so I wasn’t bothered ever 5 seconds [#]
11:28am via Twitter
generic (feed #148)
11:34am via Replies To Creeva
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: @adam_baldwin – I meant "no" it’s not wrong to disturb them [#]
11:58am via Twitter
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Creeva shared 4 links.
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twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: They talked about the slushmug http://ping.fm/axSQq on the daily gizwhiz today – I had one when I was around 7 [#]
12:05pm via Twitter
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Creeva listened to 15 songs.
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Creeva shared 36 photos.
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