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  1. What a cutie,still looks like his mommy . Brent could you forward any new pics to me at my e mail?

  2. Unfortunately I can't – this isn't because I'm being mean, this isn't because we are not speaking and this is the only response you've gotten from me in two years. It's because it is too unwieldy and impractical.

    The last photo session I uploaded over 200 photos that were over 1.5 GB of total space. To give a comparison with my gmail account I have over 35000 emails (that are not spam) saved, this email only takes up 2.4 GB of space, since I save ALL of my outgoing email also just sending you pictures a few times would completely fill up my email box. There is a reason I use a photo sharing site, I could spend hours resizing photos just send them out to people who may or may not be interested to different degrees, but I always use the original size at home – so if a family member wants smaller sizes they can go to my Flickr account – which by the way has over 10GB of images (will probably pass 7000 images in a few weeks). There is a reason I actually pay for this service.

    I would suggest a few options if you want to have pictures of grandchild.

    1. Monitor my flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/creeva/ – all of my photos get uploaded there.

    2. Just monitor the Alexander set – my sets are located here:


    The Alexander specific set is here:


    The advantage of monitoring my main account is that sometimes it takes me a few days to organize my photos into the appropriate sets.

    3. Have your husband configure an RSS reader for you like google reader and subscribe to the data feed for the Alexander set – though it will only show you the last 10 items uploaded so you would have to check if there are any others.

    4. I have a specific rss feed that converts to email alerts with small versions of the pictures. Click here and you can sign up to receive emails whenever it is updated.


    The same link for all of my pictures –


    When using the flickr (if you are signed up as a member and logged in) you can click on an individual photo and look at that photo's page. Above the photo on that page you can click all sizes and view higher resolution images of the same photo – you can then select which sized image you actually want and copy the image down to your computer. If you are unsure how to save an image off of a website, anyone else living in that house should be able to show you how to do it.

    If you want prints of any of the photo's, above the image on the main photo page instead of clicking all sizes – click prints and you can click different print sizes – have them printed out so you can pick them up at target or have them shipped to your home. This way we don't have to order prints of the shots that people may or may not like – they can now choose their own and get the sizes they actually want.

    Also this is only the photos I shoot, Xie has not uploaded her photos yet, of which of Alexander there is another few hundred photos. Her flickr account is located at:


    When she will upload her I do not know – what sets does she plan – no clue. The only thing I can recommend is either monitor the site manually or subscribe to her RSS feeds. Once again this is something your husband will have to help you with.

    Her sets are located here:


    If you want to subscribe to the feed of her uploaded photos, that would be located at this address:


    If you wish to subscribe via email to her feed the link to set that up is located here:


    I hope this is informative and helps you to your goals.

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