Daily Digest for June 4th

June 4, 2009

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Creeva shared 5 links.
7:56am via Google Reader
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: someone just gave me a banana [#]
8:49am via Twitter
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: @Miragi no the banana’s were sans directions [#]
12:06pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: @adam_baldwin do you start with cross site scripting, ssh tunneling, or man in the middle attacks? [#]
12:06pm via Twitter
generic (feed #148)
posted 3 items.
12:14pm via Replies To Creeva
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: @adam_baldwin well if he can count to one, then you can also start in on binary :P [#]
12:16pm via Twitter
digg (feed #3)
Creeva liked Pong Clock
12:19pm via Digg
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: I think I have the terrible cold that my wife has had for the last days…grrrrrrrrr [#]
12:22pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #151)
Creeva: Pong Clock.. http://tinyurl.com/pqvx2o [#]
12:35pm via Twitter

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