Going Digital and On Demand – Part 3 Movies

June 10, 2009

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Currently I’m looking at ripping all of my DVDs over to a network share so I don’t have to go and dig them out anymore (since the collection is large enough that they are kept on a shelf in the basement these days to control space management).   I have a few movies I’ve ripped already so I can play these on demand already on my TV (next section).

One of the main slow down factors that causes this problem is that it takes about one and half hours to rip a DVD.  It takes about six-eight minutes to convert a CD to a collection of MP3s.   I have probably a month or more of ripping DVD’s before I’m completely done with them.

I do need to buy a couple terabyte drives.  I think I can hold all of my DVDs (compressed) onto one terabyte.  The second one is going to be a backup since reripping all the DVDs would be much much worse then reripping all the CDs.

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