Becoming a Parent – Part 3

June 22, 2009

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I was in a meeting at work and around 3:45 a call came into my cell phone.   Since the meeting was ending soon I didn’t even look at the call and sent it straight to voice mail.  As I left the meeting a few minutes later I walked out and saw it was Xie calling me.  I called her as I was walking back to the car.   Her mother had her and she was on the way to the hospital.  I rushed back to my office and rushed through everything I had to get done, get the paperwork filed for the maternity leave I was taking and try to rush out there.   Now my hiring company (I’m a contractor) was in town preparing for the following week to do performance reviews – while I was waiting for my boss to show back up they rushed me through my review.   My boss finally appeared and I rushed him through what needed to be known and done, and had the paperwork signed.   Thirty minutes after talking to Xie I was on the road to home. My commute was an hour, then another half hour to the hospital.

When I got home I rushed taking out and feeding the pets since I wouldn’t be coming back that night.  I also grabbed everything Xie and I needed, but she didn’t take with her.   While the dogs were eating I managed to get out the announcement on the blog that we were heading to the hospital and things were happening.  I had actually written that a couple weeks before but had it ready in preparation so that took only a few seconds to get it marked as published.  Everything said and done, I was at the hospital about two hours after Xie.

When I arrived she was in a staging area, where they get you ready to have a baby.   A room where you are not far enough along to move into the next room.   They had her on medications, but she was still feeling quite a bit of pain.  Her mother was there comforting her and feeding her ice chips, essentially wrangling it so I couldn’t get in at all.   Now I have stated that I may not always be the most comforting person in the world, but I didn’t have a chance.   At one point Xie interjected and pleaded with me to talk to her.   Now I’m normally a guy with too many words and would just keep talking about anything and everything, but I blanked – and felt like total crap over it.

Continued in part 4 coming soon

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