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July 24, 2009

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At my grandmothers – going to band practice soon [#]
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At band practice [#]
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Backup Of All My Tweets Up Until Now
Because I believe in data portability and backing up my online – if twitter disappears tomorrow – I will still have all of my data I submitted. After I did this I have other options that maintain current backups – so I’m covered with all of my data

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@IKillYou994 good luck on that – must be some of that VOL water you were exposed to when you were young [#]
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@BrentSpiner who would win in a battle of most tweets – you, @levarburton, or @wilw? [#]
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New comment on "Backup Of All My Tweets Up Until Now" http://bt.io/24K [#]
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Discovered a bunch of pocasts taking up space that I haven’t listened to yet actually suck – delete delete delete [#]

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