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September 24, 2009

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I’ve spent the last few days picking and plodding over the blog.   I actually made a few posts also.   Heck I’ve posted on my sons blog more then I have my own the last few months.   Part of this is laziness, the other part is wondering what to write.   I have a few segments I need to write out and take to conclusion, maybe that’s part of the nagging.  I do need to get those done in the next 2 weeks.  I have deadlines that some are not even aware of.

I’ve wanted a clean blog template for awhile and the one I’m currently trying on is close, closer (while maintaining a work functionality that doesn’t cause me to redo all my posts) then anything else I’ve dealt with so far.   I have decided a new thing.  I’m not going to worry about the long winded posts, I’m not going to worry about the topic.   I’m going to use my blog to not just do posts, but to showcase videos and pictures.  In a way I already do that, but normally I have more behind something then just posting a unique picture.  Normally I offer commentary, or at least some more of myself to the blogosphere.

I think I take too serious sometimes.  That everything has to actually mean something.  It doesn’t.  Like life and the things around us, things can be fun an empty instead of serious and deep.   Things don’t always have to make you ponder something.   It helps that the spammers writing on topic are my biggest commentors these days.   I get a faux interaction with the community,  but I’m not speaking to a specific audience.  I’m not even sure who my audience is any more.    It’s been a long strange year so far.

The baby being born definitely changed things, but like band, I need to do this for me.   If I don’t leave my mark for him to read someday in the future, then I’ll always be grumpy dad.  The guy who never understands anything.   At least showing him the blog in twenty years I can point to the fact that I’ll have been through similar life experiences as  him.

It’s late – so far tonight I failed on my task to get a LAMP server up and running.  That’s OK I’m only going to be configuring to backup my “cloud” data anyways.  It can wait awhile longer.   So to all those readers out there goodnight (I’m only getting to bed an hour later then I had wanted to).

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