Over The Weekend

September 28, 2009

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Weekend was long and short at the same time.  Essentially there was a lot and very little was accomplished.  Friday night we picked up paint to redo one of our rooms.   Xie assumed this was going to be a quick adventure that would be over in a couple hours.   It lasted over 12 hours  all things considered.  There are still some spots that need some touch-up work, and I need to sand down and stain the trim.   So there is more touch ups to do, but two coats of paint are up on the walls.

Other highlights of the weekend:

  • Better child proofed the TV room, now there is only one single exposed wire Lex can grab at, and it’s a network cable.  Without drilling into something there is no further way to get rid of this last wire.
  • Had a McDonald’s Breakfast
  • Had a Denny’s dinner, we only ate their because we had a coupon for a free entree.  The food and cost still isn’t worth it.
  • Had KFC – yes we ate a lot, this happens when half the house is torn up, and no time to cook.  Though I did make sloppy joes last night.
  • Cleaned up paint chips.
  • While trying to get through a mess of stuff to answer the door yesterday morning (house still was a mess from painting) I sliced my toe open.   I’m standing on the porch talking to a guy and holding Lex and I look down.   I’m standing in a pool about 6-8 inches wide that had come from my toe.    I gingerly get back into the house to minimize blood on the carpet I wrap up my toe.   I managed to go from a pool of blood outside to three drops on carpet.   Not too shabby.   Toe is still bandaged up.

A weekend full of a whole lot of nothing that was taken up by painting.

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