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October 22, 2009

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So earlier this week I had tweeted that I finished “Free” by Chris Anderson.  I was talking about it with a friend tonight who knew I was reading the book (and who also happened to know it was freely available online) and he called me lazy in not so many words.   I was told he was interested in reading the book, but wasn’t going to bother to put it into google to find it.  If I had place the link in there he would have chased it down and read it.   Basically the whole point of this post is so I can perform the extra steps to give him an easy location to find it.   So below is the link to the text on Scribd, and the whole book is also embedded below (this is what I have to do to get sticky readers folks a boy has got to eat).

All that aside, the book was a great read that dealt not only with the new “Free” economy, but the history and psychology behind the concept.  While people will value something paid over free in some circumstances, there are dynamic mental choices we make.  For marketers this is a great book, for people on the modern web this is a great book, for people that want to understand people, this is a great book.

If you can devote a few hours of your life to reading and completing this book, I’m sure there is something in it that you will find interesting.  Chris has a nice writing and nice cadence that flows throughout the book.  I don’t feel that it ever dragged on, it was just long enough.


Sorry I just realized that the scribd link had expired. It seems the web book and the ebook was only for a limited time. However, and this will make who this article is targeted to happy. On this page the audio book (unabridged) is available to download.   It is 285 megs, and it’s worth the space to give it a listen.   I bet some of you who read this are more likely to get this now that you don’t have to read through it, but listen to it to pass the time.

Sorry for the mixup – I’ll pay closer attention next time.

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