My Own Awkward Family Christmas Photo

December 24, 2009

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img376, originally uploaded by Creeva.

This picture was taken in about 1988 judging from the age of my sister, so that would have made me twelve years old. This picture would have been taken in our dining room in the condo we lived at in Elyria. Two Christmas’s after this one we would hang another stocking on the mantle for my second sister when she arrived in the world.

That dog in the photo was named Lacy, and I think she was literally hell spawn. She terrorized all of us kids for years, but you wouldn’t know that since she looks like a sweet little dog – until you look more carefully at the picture. My brother is sitting there on the side watching the dog uneasily, I’m sure he was thinking that either he could dive off the side of the chair or smack the dog with the present he was holding. I’m looking at one of my parents (whoever is not taking the picture, but if you look carefully you can see my hand is around the dog’s neck – I could at least keep her from attacking me or my sister.

And my sister, she is only seven months old in this picture and even she is eyeing the dog, I don’t remember hte dog terrorizing babies – but I’m sure it left an impression.

Last piece of note in this picture – that is my stocking in the middle.

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