Vanishing to a red dot

December 24, 2009

by — Posted in Personal Writing

I just applied a new theme to my blog. Some of my regular readers may notice that it slowly is vanishing away. It is still stylish but it seems that I am obsessed with a good looking minimalist style. For some reason I can’t get one that seems to really pop for me.

This current theme is named Basal, and while it seems to be closer to what I want it doesn’t seem to “pop”. There is something still missing and I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

Problems I’m still having with the blog in general that annoy me is that I can’t find a way to autogenerate post thumbnails when I remotely host my images on flickr. That causes me all sorts of aggravation and grief. Ideally I would like to link to a flick image, have the theme recognize the first image no matter where it hosted and generate a post thumbnail from that. If I could do that some of the other themes I really enjoy would become a contender.

While I am having a general blog design rant I can’t seem to find a plugin I like to display a flickr photo gallery or YouTube gallery. My lifestream has broken since the latest wordpress upgrade and I’m just generally annoyed with the state of the blog in general.

Time to actually come up with some real content now instead of just this fluff.

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