Things You Learn About Baby’s First Christmas

December 27, 2009

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Lex was ten months old on he first Christmas this year. Everyone told how exciting it would be. Well all those people stretched the truth a bit. As parents we think the whole thing is going to be new and exciting, all because we loves it as kid.

Since Christmas isn’t a leap it means that at most your child is 364 days old, and more then likely has not yet opened a present yet. You hand the child their first Christmas present and expect them to tear into it. I’m sorry to disappoint you, they don’t. You sit there recording the moment and they just tap at the wrapping paper. So opening presents becomes very long and drawn out.

After a visiting a couple grandparents he got a vague idea, but it was no means exciting. Next year however, I’m sure the cyclone of opening gifts will start.

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  1. Our little guy is 2 1/2 and this was his… third Christmas. He's just getting the whole ripping up the paper thing.

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