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Back to the blog.   It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything (56 days since my last post), and that’s quite a bit for someone that was doing multiple posts a day.   My lifestream shows I was doing something online, but nothing with the blog.  I did apply for a blogging position with Geekdad (since I now qualify) when they had an open invitation for any and all to sign up.  I did not make the cut, since it was a non paying position there wasn’t much I really lost, but I did get my hopes up.

I still have to write about Lex’s time in the hospital. I have other projects that I’ve done that I need to write about, so much writing to do and so little time.   My wife who only writes once in a blue moon beat me to writing about the birth experience.  She was sure I was going to get it done first, but time and effort   One thing I have noticed is that the longer you go without writing the easier it is.  You can say well I have written this long, what is one more day – then it’s one more week.   What was planned to be two-three weeks turned into just about two months.   I have been doing emails, responding on Facebook and Twitter, and other low time (and creative) investment activities.   Being lazy is way too easy.  It also makes me understand the other side of the coin.

Xie has asked me many times how I have so much to write about.  I always responded that once you get in the forced habit of spending time and effort in putting something down it becomes routine and it’s easy to do.    You can pick up stories that you remember or just inane chatter that gives you practice in writing.  It’s the practice that makes you better and gives you the stories that really stand out.  It goes the other way too I’ve found out.   Without getting deep into the habit ofregularly writing it becomes a struggle.   Heck this post alone has been almost 3 weeks in the making and went through different revisions.  In the end I scrapped everything I had written before and going through the grueling task of getting something out there.   I never thought that taking a break would lead to this.    I have had a mountain of things to write about, concerning the baby, concerning politics, concerning technology, etc. etc.   The problem was taking the time to get it down on the screen.

The cop out answer for all of this is the birth of the baby.   That really isn’t a good excuse since I learned I can pound out a 500 word essay in 12 minutes.  I could have easily written something in that great span of 56 days, heck a good portion of my posts are not even 500 words long, so under a ten minute sneak here or there would have gotten the job done.   I am extremely busy because of the baby, both directly and indirectly but if I have time to watch a video – I have time to pound out a blog post.  What is what it’s going to be for awhile.

What does this mean though?  Well first don’t expect multiple posts a day for at least a couple months from me.   I don’t have the time to write drafts for future publishing, so I can’t queue  up enough to get a weeks straight of posts done.   I have some plans for that, and there is going to be some possibly uninteresting writing ahead.   One of the things that may turn out boring (or awesome) is that I’ll work through all the Plinky prompts I’ve been ignoring.  I subscribed to their feed for writing inspiration, but the questions never really felt like they fit in the tone of the blog, well they do now.   Motivation is weak and to get back in the swing of things, this what I have to do.

The most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that while my RSS feed has had a bit of a falling off of subscribers, my normal web hits are only down 20-30%.  I guess I’ve written enough stuff that Google has indexed that has been deemed hit worthy.   That at least makes me happy, or you guys just miss me so much that you are reading my old stuff over and over again (I guess you like to torture yourself).

I’m getting into ramble mode now, while good for my writing – it’s bad for a coherent post.  I’ll stop.   My toes are dipping back into the water and I’m sure I’ll be swimming like a fish again in no time.

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  1. “I don’t have the time to write drafts for future publishing, so I can’t queue up enough to get a weeks straight of posts done. “

    Hey, its good that you don't draft you blog in advance. I always thought a good blog is just like a daily diary writing naturally about how you think and feel at that moment. But I must agree that blogs nowadays is becoming so mechanical where you can prepare all your 365 days post in advance and queue for publication.

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