Do You Like Food and Humor? Then Read!

I would use a better picture for, but Yod hasn’t made logos in easy to resize bites.   The above picture will have to do until he does.  Before we dig to far into this I will say while I enjoy Yod has been an “Internet Friend” for awhile.   He gained quite a following on his Vox blog and I think this was the spring board for  You can get a sense of humor in the blog just reading the staff page.  The main staffers are Yod, Actual Girlfriend, Sushi Girlfriend, and Work Girlfriend.   They give their own views, reviews, and pictures of the restaurants they eat at, and whether they merely endured it or if they enjoyed.  The only problem I see for me personally, I’ll probably never be located where I can eat at any of the restaurants they review.   I also don’t like sushi.  I am waiting for the Twitter famous Ebby K. Grumpletail to do some reviews.

I wish them the best of luck and I thoroughly enjoy reading it, maybe you will to.

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