Spammers Actually Commenting Completely

Spammers as part of the conversation, how do you resolve this?  I understand how to deal with normal blog spam, ala “Check out my webcam or herbal remedies here”.   What do you do when they take part in the conversation.   The spam part comes into their website link, but they are actually commenting on topic to the post instead of willy nilly going through and posting things that have no bearing on the topic.   So how do you deal with these topical spammers?

For the moment I’m letting most of them slide.  The ones that have attempted to impersonate my top commentors, I don’t care how on topic they are, I know those commentors email addresses and I’m not going to let that little tactic stand.  I find it funniest when it is the ones impersonating my wife.   I don’t have anything to show you as an example since I’ve removed all of those posts.

My question to you is, how would you deal with this situation?

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