How can i edit a wiki from the iPhone

January 1, 2010

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This situation has been an ongoing one since I got my iPhone back in June. What I would love is a wiki client for the iPhone that allows me to edit wiki articles when I feel froggy.

Optimally I would like it to be compatible with mediawiki. It also has to work on a unjailbroken iPhone. While we are asking for features and someone out there is considering this, what would be great is offline editing that syncs when it gets back online.

Other solutions would be an extension for mediawiki that I can throw on a hosted instance that allowed for editing via mobile safari that fixes the issue of no scroll bar in the write window. A last-ditch scenario would be a wiki app on the iPhone ( a couple that allow you to host a server on the iPhone itself) – these are missing one function, the ability to export this data to an external server. I would use something other than mediawiki if I could get this functionality.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Am I just wanting to much? I think it is insane that there seems to be no good wiki editing solutions I can find.

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  1. Well for psuedo functionality – not as much I as I would have liked – I have found springnote for the iphone. If you are looking for something similar as I was, it may fit the bill for you.

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