Happy Anniversary

January 2, 2010

by — Posted in Personal Writing

After wearing her down after two months of dating, 3 months of living with her parents, and 11 months of living in our townhouse together, my wife consented to marry me eleven years ago today.

While it would be naïve to say it has been an easy road, it has been a road I would gladly journey down again. Eleven years ago we wandered down to the mayor of Vermilion, Ohio who needed the marriage ceremony information done up in large print – to fulfill the real ceremony. We had no friends nor family, but there was the drunk guy from the night before that said he was going to show up – thankfully he didn’t. Both of us who hate winter had to get up early and go through a snow storm to get married. That folks is what you call true love.

To many years in the future and those days that have passed I leave this one message to my wife – I will love you always and forever if you will love me forever and always.

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