The Search To Be Genuine

January 14, 2010

by — Posted in Personal Writing

I’ve tried to decide what big writing project to work on next. I have a couple I need to wrap up, but what about for the future. I’m trying to find that genuine voice I used when I was complaining about my mother – but that horse is so dead and beaten you can’t even tell it ever was a horse.

I’ve been thinking about a series about growing up a geek – but a bit of those stories would cross with a retro blog I want to get off the ground ( which if you are interested to help write for let me know). I have a few articles where I should get out my daddy issues, but those have been put to bed. I’m not sure I want to dredge up the past that my father and I have moved on from.

There is a lot I could write about – just stunted at the prospect for the moment. I can say be on the look out for something genuine this year.

Great – now to decide what in the next 351 days……,

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