The Dreaded Post

May 18, 2010

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This is the dreaded post that you find everywhere over the web.  The one where I am apologetic about not getting writing done in a timely manner.  The post where I promise that tomorrow will be different, that this lapse has been only temporarily.   I will say things like I am going to turn a new leaf and that content will be flowing out of my fingertips like the biblical ambrosia and honey promised in some holy book.

I will come up with excuses such as work has been busy.  Maybe I’ll pull out time with family.  These of course are not lies or even untruths.  They can be exaggerations.  The truth is closer to the fact when I would have time to write I’m sitting on the couch vegging out instead of being a productive blogger contributing the internet society and the link economy.  I could easily be doing how-to’s on projects I am working on, writing about books I’m reading or have read, and even just daily life.

Do I have a lot of projects and good intentions in doing them in a timely manner? Of course I do, but you the reader aren’t sure you will ever see them at all with my track that has gone on for the last few months.   Will I blame you for that?  Of course not.  It is completely believable and acceptable.  I can say I haven’t been playing Farmville or any Facebook games (ok a bit of bejeweled blitz).

Will tomorrow be different?  As Button Bright would say “Don’t Know”.  I can say that I’ve made this far into adding content my blog, my life-stream hums along (not as flowing as before, but life happens).  I hope I haven’t ostracized anyone that wasn’t done so by my bluntness, rudeness, or general mannerism.  If I’ve lost you for those reasons – then I deserve it.  If I have lost you for the laziness that exists trying to get something to come out of my relationship with my fingers and the keyboard – I (well I’ll say I apologize, but you’ll see right through that).

Until the next post…..

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