Can Never Get It To Feel Right

August 23, 2010

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I keep trying out different blog themes. I’m trying to figure which one is truly the right one for me. It’s a maddening game of cat and mouse that my wife gets into with her blog. Since she can’t feel comfortable in her “home” she never writes anything. She has a desire to write, but has trouble committing the electrons to the pixels while there is something else to get done. Lately I know the same feeling.

Really I want a simple design that I think would “pop” (yes I am overly using ” ” so sue me). ad and I want something simple that’s black and white with a search bar and page navigation at the top. I also want something that makes my life stream and other pages look good. I want something with great typography. I want something that I enjoy looking at.

I’ve tried literally hundreds of themes on my site. Some of them have lasted for months and other have lasted for minutes. Some people who have read my blog at one time or another must have had the theme changed out from under them. I don’t have a ton of daily hits, but I get enough that it must have happened at least a couple of times. This makes me feel too picky, or at least a little OCD. It doesn’t stop me from writing – life and other things handle that distraction away. It just sits there like a splinter in your hand that you forget about until you brush against something the wrong way.

What to do? What to do?

I had about 2 dozens themes loaded, but I’ve pared those down to about a dozen. I need to go out and check out some new themes. I need to find a theme that I only need to make minor changes and tweaking on. Maybe I’ll get to it this week. Maybe by next week. Who am I kidding, I’m never going to be truly satisfied

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  1. By the way let’s take a look at this current theme 8/23/10 – the font is a little too big, the spacing is completely off, and it makes the paragraphs seem to run together. I wish I could get my font to look like it does in gmail……..

    Uber nerd is me.

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