If you post, the spammers take root

August 24, 2010

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Months have gone by since I was regularly posting on the blog, and I did get a couple of spam posts here and there. I didn’t however get the glut that I received this week when I did a few posts in a row. Last night alone I received over 30 messages (which have since been cleaned out).
There are two theories to this, the first is that spammers want to hit an active blog that is receiving regular traffic. So out there somewhere is a trigger that lists that a blogs that are updated regularly. Maybe they are watching through Technorati or Google live data feeds. Maybe they just harvest and mine RSS feeds. Since my life stream archive is updated daily (though it doesn’t hit RSS feeds) it makes it into this engines rarely. Only search engine spiders seem to find it.

The second theory behind spamming is that you can take over a dead blog or forum. If no one is there to stop you, you can post to your heart’s content and rank up some SEO for your spam site. This is beneficial for the spammers, but it ends up in some cases hurting the SEO value of that site. The dead site is then likened to a carcass that the maggots are feeding on, so Google and the rest will treat it as such. It’s value to the community is greatly lessened in the amount of weight it receives.

So there are valid justifications for spammers on both side of the fence, I’m just curious how bad the problem would be if I didn’t have spam blockers and I wasn’t using Disqus. No wonder people pay others to manage all the incidental stuff that occurs when it comes to blogging.

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