WordPress – It’s a Love – Hate Thing

January 5, 2011

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I understand why my wife hates blogging.  She hates everything that comes with a blog outside of writing.   Granted writing is something that she wants to want to do – but that is a completely different issue. When you run WordPress you need to worry about patching constantly.  Not just the WordPress software, but the plug-ins and themes.   Once you update you have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off making sure nothing is broken.   If it is broken you need to run around back stepping or disabling plug-ins to see what exactly if the cause.


My theme was broken – so for some reason I couldn’t fix the exact problem (it was caused by a needed plugin).  Well I fix my theme and started my new post on personal curation.  I had to use a fallback theme that I don’t love.  However, everything works and it is not a bad theme.

I noticed my visual editor is broken.  I had just dealt with the issue before, but now I was annoyed.   I had to download some files via FTP – edit them – re-upload them.  Now it’s working.

If I didn’t love the flexibility of WordPress I swear I would…….

2 thoughts on “WordPress – It’s a Love – Hate Thing

  1. And NOW you know why I hesitate to get my own up and running. I don’t have the knowledge to even BEGIN to figure out all the snafus. Yee. Gads. Love the hat!

  2. Oh – my wife and I like just like to do complex things with our sites (even though it doesn’t look like it) – the simpler backend stuff you do the less pain in the butt it is (and it’s two clicks to update this stuff).

    My rant makes it seem worse than it is.

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