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January 6, 2011

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  • Pegged Pants – What Were We Thinking
    The joys of middle school and wanting to fit in.  The bad styles of an era.  Being a geek that smiled and went along to try and be less ridiculed.  That was me.   I was a geek in school.   While it wasn’t a pleasant experience back then, I’m quite happy with what I’ve become.   I […]
  • 107.9 – The End
    107.9 was the station for alternative rock fans between 1992-1999 in Cleveland, OH.    WMMS 100.7 went back and forth in formats during this time frame so it wasn’t reliable.  It went from the best alternative to the best seventies rock.   107.9 on the other hand was always up there as the station you would turn […]
  • Nintendo Cereal – It’s For Breakfast Now.
    Nintendo, it’s for breakfast now.  Nintendo, it’s a cereal, WOW!  Sigh – I remember the commercial so very very well.   I also remember enjoying the taste of the cereal.   It’s something that I must have eaten in middle school.   Kind of hard to be “Mom, I want this type of cereal’ when you are a […]
  • I Want To Be A Toys’R’Us Kid
    Watch the commercial below, and look for Urkel on the swing.  (BTW I always wanted that ride-on train). Related Posts:Sesame Street Fever – Still Hot?Any Questions?California Raisins Christmas – We Three KingsThis is a Crock – Best Sweater Vest Ever!Nintendo Cereal – It’s For Breakfast Now.
  • Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts – From Twenty Years Ago
    I found this video of holiday commercial that make great holiday gifts.   I hope you enjoy! 25 Products that "Make a Great Holiday Gift!"Uploaded by AllisonSNLKid. – Check out other Film & TV videos. Related Posts:Wacky Wall Walkers of the Walking DeadSome Kind of Wonderful? Maybe.Nintendo Cereal – It’s For Breakfast Now.California Raisins Christmas […]
  • Yogi’s First Christmas
    When I was growing up the second best thing about Christmas was the holiday specials. One of the most special of these was Yogi’s First Christmas. Why was it the most special? Was it exceptionally good? Not really, if you like Yogi Bear storylines this was more of the usual fair. Was it CGI? No, back then they had no idea what CGI was. Before anymore questions come up – it was not 3D, it did not have Dan Aykroyd, and Justin Timberlake was no where to be seen.
  • California Raisins Christmas – We Three Kings
    Before this came holiday special came out, I was not a fan of the holiday carol – “We Three Kings”.   Ever since seeing it though, this has been one of my favorites.  Watch it below and see if you agree. Related Posts:Yogi’s First ChristmasThis is a Crock – Best Sweater Vest Ever!Great Last Minute […]
  • I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today….. – Homage to @ThatKevinSmith
    1994, the year I graduated high school and when independent film hit underground geek culture in a big way. I was reading my monthly copy of Details magazine when I read a review about a movie called Clerks. It was talking about how great it was. That night I went out to Suncoast at Midway Mall and paid 30.00 for my copy in high hopes. I wasn’t an independent film guy, nor am I the largest one now, but something about that review caused me to hand over the equivalent of 6 hours of work to buy that tape. That night I watched it twice.
  • Any Questions?
    Seriously, it’s been a few years – do you have any questions yet? Related Posts:This is a Crock – Best Sweater Vest Ever!Sesame Street Fever – Still Hot?Yogi’s First ChristmasI Want To Be A Toys’R’Us KidCalifornia Raisins Christmas – We Three Kings
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
    When I was about eighteen years old I was a huge fan of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman along with a few other superheroes.  Superman in particular was a favorite but as all young men do I wanted to explore my darker side. This is where Frank Miller came in. Frank was a fairly well […]

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