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January 11, 2011

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Yesterday I made a joke tweet (which get’s crossposted to Facebook), trying to be funny and truthful at the same time:

Dear Facebook friends – no matter the cause or reason, I will not copy and paste your status and make it mine – copy paste if you agree

I immediately got 3 likes and one criticism.   I guess this one person thinks I was calling them out, but they actually post pictures and the occasional video.   More content than a lot of people on my friends list.  Glancing at my news feed n any given day I would say 1 in 5 status messages is a copy /paste type post. These posts come in a few styles.

1.  Copy Paste if you agree, don’t comment if you don’t – this one annoys my wife the most.

2.  Copy and Paste to acknowledge its (XXXX) week – this happens weekly.

3.  Funny things like honoring death star contractors or people eaten by dragons.

4.  Question and answer games.

5. Slacktivism – the people who think changing their status message or profile picture actually brings awareness or change.  These same people usually only change these things and do nothing else to support these causes.

6.  Facebook warnings (going from privacy issues to Facebook is going to start charging)

7.  Computer virus alerts – seriously people some of you are posting of issues that were patched 2-3 years ago.  That is centuries in internet time.

I get it.   For me personally it is not something I find interesting to really take part in on either side.  My biggest problem is with “Sunday Facebook Users”.  These are the Facebook users that only update their status with these messages and nothing else.   They never upload photos.  The only thing they have put forth in original thought for the service is wishing people Happy Birthday (and these people are truly the most on the ball to wish someone Happy Birthday).   Even updating their status to something unique and real once a month would be nice – even for a second.    These people however seemed to be scared of showing any part of themselves that isn’t part of the Sheeple, I want to be just like everyone else culture.

The people who have accounts on Facebook but don’t really use it, I understand.   The people who only use Facebook for the games, I understand.  The people who put enough effort in to copy and repost, but nothing else; I don’t understand.   I want to read original thoughts and hopes people.  I want to know what you are doing in life and what you want our of it.   What I don’t want is the equivalent of spam and chain letters.   This is the kind of thing that my son will be grounded for later in life – or it be the punishment to read through all of them.   “Son, here is an unfiltered Facebook feed – you must read, repost, and respond to EVERYTHING for one week”.

There are some similarities with Twitter.   On that service we have the retweet.  The difference between retweeting and copy – repost is that we are acknowledging (rewarding) the person that originally posts something.  We can generally trace something back to the original author.   You can’t do this on Facebook if you copy and paste.   Blogging also has some similarities, but once again it is either original thought or at least links to something that is.   This is a referral reposting.  Finally there is link sharing, which once again leads to read something of original thought and not spam.   All of these are good examples of taking something else and posting it as your status.  Unlike the examples I gave above.

Is it so wrong that I want to create something and be an individual.  That I want craziness and beauty in what they believe and do?  I want to look at all my friends and say they are all beautiful and unique people, instead for some of them they are mindless drones.

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