Retreading Pop

January 26, 2011

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  • 8-Bit Desktop Wallpaper at Lifehacker
    Lifehacker has put together an article with retro videogame inspired wallpapers for computers and mobile devices.   Head over and check it out. Related Posts:Nintendo Cereal – It’s For Breakfast Now.Buddy Holly Music Video by WeezerWorst Star Wars Tie-In I Owned – Wicket The Board GameGreat Last Minute Christmas Gifts – From Twenty Years AgoKool-Aid Man
  • Buddy Holly Music Video by Weezer
    For your hump day – just thought I would share the Buddy Holly music video by Weezer. Small piece of trivia, this video was included on every original Windows 95 installation CD.
  • Rotary Phones, Oh I Miss You
    The rotary phone was such a tactile experience. Using an iphone as pretty much my only phone you kind of lose that tight knit feel you have with technology. The heft and weight alone made it felt like you were doing something serious.

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