Hitting The Brakes Can Slow You Down, But It Can Also Stop You

July 18, 2011

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I used to write all the time.  I did daily blog posts and no matter what I pushed something out.    This was as much to get in the habit when I wanted to write on demand as it was making myself a better writer.   There are two things I have a passion for (outside of tech).   The first is playing trumpet.   The second is writing.   I consider myself an ok writer.

When I write on the blog it is about writing fast, writing often, and getting thoughts out there.   If you look at my early blog posts you will see a massive amount of grammar and spelling errors (some might even be in this post). .   I’m a great speller and can handle the grammar side, but I didn’t.  Why?   I didn’t want to handle the slow down.    When I took creative writing in high school I had one short story I worked on for weeks.   I went through 20+ revisions.   Looking back it wasn’t any better the last time than it was the first.

Grammar and spelling were cleaned,, the story however changed.   The story wasn’t any better or worse, but it was different from the original intent.   I have an issue with over-editing my work.   Once I dig into often enough the words and meanings take on a life that the hundreds of hours I put into that story really didn’t deserve.   It should have come out a masterpiece, but this post is probably better than that whole story.

I haven’t written regularly since my son was born.   It wasn’t something that was available to me until he was sleeping through the night.   When he was sleeping through the night I was in the habit of no longer creating content.   I was pure on the content consumption side of the bandwagon.   I fell more into the “status update” is the new blogging mentality.   That is not however why I started a blog.    I wanted to write.

This brings us to where we are today.   I have a desire to write.  I also have a ton of draft posts that I started and never finished.  I have to scrap most of those now because they were dependent on a time frame.  That’s ok.   It’s about putting in the sweat until it becomes habit again.   I slowed down so much I was at a stand still.   I need to slowly build up the momentum and fulfill the goal.

This post is meant to be complementary to another post I am going to write in a minute.  It’s about some conversations I had Saturday night and it wouldn’t work without pointing out the core problem and how it effected my productivity in one area of my life.

It’s not fair and completely honest pointing out short-comings when you can’t at least point out why you may fail at the same tasks.   You may actually be excellent at the tasks you are pointing out that some us is failing out.  However, if you’re not, you better be ready to get the mirror turned back towards you.


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