Revisiting Old Writing – It’s Great and Terrible

October 17, 2011

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Like most other people that do any amount of writing, you have a backlog of things you have started and never finished.   They are tucked away in dark corners on your hard drives and most of them don’t see the light day again.   Being the digital packrat (and obsessed with digital organizing as Xie would put it) I have recently been reorganizing my documents.  I still have work documents to go through, but I have a half dozen partial novels and a script.   I just glanced over the novels briefly, but it’s the script that grabbed me.   It’s something I thought was lost but always wanted to finish.   I think I authored it somewhere between 1998 – 2000.   A key plot point in the book occurs in 2000, and I know I started this project well ahead of that time.

I’m reading the script.  Remembering inspirations for different parts of it.   Loving parts of it.  Hating parts of it.   Just having the experience.  Then I get it into my head that I want to finish this script.  In theory that is all fine and dandy.  I can finish the story arc I was going for and wrap it all up.  The question is, can I?

This was written when I was in a different place in my life, my writing, and experiences.   I’ve grown and I’m not sure I can channel what is needed to finish the script as is.   If I go forward and finish the script I think I am going to have to take what I have written and rewrite it in my current voice.  I want to make sure it has the cohesion needed to flow properly.   We all know about the different feels between the first half of Huckleberry Finn and the second.  We also know that it’s because Twain but down the manuscript for over a decade between those sections.   I don’t want to give a disjointed feel to this script, which will most likely be the only horroresque script / piece I will truly write.

So now I’m stuck between a rock and hard place.  I need to show the script to a few people and see if it’s worth pursuing.  It may just be best to let dead dogs lie.   After I make a decision I will either publish it as is on my blog, or I’ll finish it.   Once it is finished I’ll also most likely publish it on here, it matters if anyone wants to film it.

We shall see.


Now I think it’s time to sweat over some old novels I need to rip apart and decide if I’m going to finish those…..


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