Building a Better Blogging Client

I love the WordPress interface.  I love posting from a web page instead of a rich client.   What I don’t love is deciding which blog I am going to write for, logging into that blog, writing posting – and then logging into a different blog.  This process alone slows me down enough that I’m put off and do not want to write.   There has to be another way – and there is.

Let’s start on my thought process on how I managed to get to what I think is my ultimate posting client.

This started because I was looking at automating tasks that I do repetitively and between multiple computers.  I knew there was a few tricks you could with Dropbox so I started there.   If you need to sign up with Dropbox you can use my referral link here (we both get extra space this way).  I was looking through some interesting things you can do with Dropbox and ran across a post that someone was running a self-contained web server that can be run locally on Dropbox using XamppThe instructions can be found here.

Now I had a working private mobile web server.   I can now setup multiple LAMP stack software on it.  I installed two instances of WordPress, MediaWiki, and a couple of others.  I then found a plugin for WordPress that allows you to post to other WordPress instances.   Using this I can now post to all the other blogs I write for from one interface (I also, having importing posts from all the other sites, have a single database backup of all of my posts).   Using Fluency to reskin the user interface makes the formatting better on my netbook for writing.   I also can switch to full screen editing mode and it looks like I a in a slimmed down version of Word.

Centralized writing – awesome

Centralized archives – awesome

Synced between multiple computers – awesome