Caught Up Through Smallville Season 2

Over the last week and a half Xie and I have managed to work through two seasons of Smallville.   I’m reminded (though I love the show) the annoying love triangle between Cloie, Lana, and Clark.   Which, during these two seasons at least it’s a mix or match of who Clark wants or who he is with.   We also know storyline well enough that he can’t truly be with any of them forever.  The only ones (at this point in the Smallville timeline) that are guaranteed to survive the series are Clark and Lex.  In theory everyone else in the show can die.   Granted I know some things about the last 3 seasons, but I haven’t seen them.  So I do know who lives for the most part.

The important point of course truly is the journey.   I am watching episodes that I haven’t seen in over 8 years, and I’ll continue through all ten seasons.


I can say I had a couple of observations.


– All of Cloie’s heartbreak she brought upon herself and she needs to stop crying

– The hints that are laid in the first couple seasons is awesome – some that don’t come to fruition until season 10.

– Smallville sucks at physics