Creating An Online Home For Friends

Over the last couple weeks I have done a couple posts (here and here)  about creating the mashup site for friends blogs to filter through.   I did make sure that I turned off the function to have these posts show up in search engines.   I figured if something was created by someone, it should show up in their actual homepage and not some mashup site.   I love the mashup site.  I love seeing everything my friends are creating on one page.   Now the goal is to get more of them involved.   I also need to teach a few of them on how to use a proper blog site and move off of the reliance of Facebook posting.

I’m really annoyed at the most part of the Facebook walled garden approach.  It does have its benefits, but it also has its subtractions.   The first benefit is privacy and control over who sees your stuff.   I can understand this, and while Facebook doesn’t handle it as well as Google Plus, it is a safety blanket.  It’s back to the old approach of fifteen years ago and believing AOL was the Internet.   Some of these people just don’t know any better.   They also think it’s too hard to run a website – but they have never blogged.   One of them doesn’t run a website, but does a daily email posting.  I would love to see that done in a blog form, and all he would have to do is add another destination email address to turn this into a blog.

A couple of them are full into it.   Granted one of those people hasn’t done a blog post in over two years.   With problems like that the only cure is encouragement.   Show them that they have a voice and their voice is important.   Even if they are rattling on about an NES game, they have something interesting to say.  Even if one person can find a bond to that – that has made it worthwhile.

We don’t create to keep it to ourselves.  We worry about being judged.  We worry about apathy towards what we create.  We worry about criticism.   We need to get over this.   We created something to share with the world.   We need feedback, but at the very least we need expose part of ourselves so we can move to the next step.  It’s all about building something, working towards something, and having a place for people who I consider family (now if only I could get my family to actually blog).


You can see the page in its current form here.

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