My First In A Hopefully Short List of Bioware Rants

Ok, when The Old Republic comes out I am sure that the title will be a lie.   I just hope I don’t have as many issues with them as I had with SOE.  I received the following two emails in my inbox:

The text of the second one read:

We hope you are enjoying participating in the Game Testing Program and want to thank you for helping shape the most anticipated MMO to date.

We’ve posted a fun short survey for game testers, and the results have been really interesting so far. Answer a few questions and see what your fellow testers are thinking. After the survey, hit the forums to talk about your experience or get gameplay tips.

I thought, that’s funny I’m not in the beta…..OMG I just got in the beta.    I told Xie that she needed to check her spam folder now.  I showed her the two emails.   She ran over and grabbed her laptop, I went to the desktop and we searched the GMail Spam folder.  Nothing.  No beta invites, no love.   We preordered the deluxe edition on day one and still not in the game.  One of our friends from SWG mocks us with his screenshots, since he has been in for a few weeks.    Very annoyed.

I ran to the The Old Republic forums and checked – it seems these emails went out to a few people.   The SWTOR main page crashed from the load.   I did hear rumors that these were supposed to be actual beta invites, but the links were broken.   It seems a few people are as annoyed as I am.   While I was reading the forum thread (which started as an actual announcement that more Beta invites were going out), the forum crashed.   It seems that I’m not the only one reading through the threads.

From a simple wrongly sent email – SWTOR is already having the uptime issues that SWG had the first week….


Enough rambling in anger, back to watching Bridesmaids – so not worth as much as downloading the beta right now.