Script Writing

Yesterday a friend posted a picture of himself with another male friend.   It gave me the idea for a web video series.  It didn’t necessarily include the two people in the picture, but it did inspire me to the idea of a sitcom.   After some interaction with him on Facebook I pitched the idea to him.  Then I told Xie about it.    Xie informed me that she thought he posted that picture because his friend passed away.   I did feel a bit of an ass – but I missed that status update so I didn’t have that context.  Refreshing my comments on the thread I noticed that my friend responded, he liked the idea and then told me his friend had passed.   I apologized and he didn’t seem to take it hard.   I do however still have the idea for the sitcom / web series in my head.

Here is the initial pitch I gave him:

 …thought of an idea for you. Call the show Clyde and I and it is about two guys that think the other is gay. They are both straight, but pretend to be gay to not ruin what they consider an important friendship. Could easily turn into a modern days three’s company – but this time Mr. roper could be the only one that knows the truth…

I thought it would be funny and you could have the over the top misunderstandings and reading into things that everyone has in day-to-day life.   I’m mentally working on a script thinking of episodes in the 5 – 10 minute time frame.   Currently I just want to write it and see where I could go with it.   I’m trying to separate the idea of it just being a skit and being something longer.    Currently in my head I have ideas for about 3-4 episodes.   Once I get these done I’ll see if my friend is willing to work further on it.   If it doesn’t go anywhere I’ll be publishing the scripts online.   Of course unless I keep the mental determination going to actually write this stuff down, this might be the last time you hear of it.

We shall see…..