Star Wars Galaxies – The Game With Four Deaths – An Introduction

Wow, Star Wars Galaxies will be put to rest on Dec. 15.   While a lot of people are upset (including me partly) – there are a few MMO’s that don’t last that long.   In the end it became the uncle that was a drunk.  You didn’t really want to be around him, and kind of embarrassed when you were.    It wasn’t always like that.   It used to be one of the greatest online gaming communities I have ever seen.  The game was more about cooperation and building a world.   It was one of the first major sandbox games.   Unfortunately it was ahead of its time.

I hope to cover all 4 major deaths of Star Wars Galaxies from my perspective.  The first death was the CU (Combat Upgrade).  The second death was the NGE (New Game Enhancements).  The third death was the closure of Intrepid.  The final death is of course coming Dec. 15.

I don’t have time now to write what I need to write about the game.  Part of it is going to be personal, part of it business, and part of it community.   I have learned enough about myself that things can really get moving if I dig into them.   I meant to start writing on this all weekend.  Here it is Monday, and all I am going to manage is the introduction.   I do have months to finish this series (hard deadline of Dec. 16th for the last piece).   I’m not sure the journey.  I’m not sure where I will go.   With all the love I have for the server and the friends I have made there – I just thing it needs a fine eulogy.   There are only a couple of us that I consider hard-core Intrepid historians.  I know there will be volumes of things I will miss along the way.   The best I can say is if you have a story to share – let me know.

Here are some relevant pieces that will inevitably be referenced while I work on this series.    Go through and browse, and I’ll take it from there. – This is the historical wiki started to chronicle the history of Intrepid. – A forum frequented by members of Intrepid.

Intrepid’s History, An Entertainers Farewell – A piece I wrote when I quit the game



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