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March 21, 2012

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I have been reading a bit lately.   Taking my free time to read a bit here and there.   Every night before I go to bed I read on my iPhone until I just about pass out.   Last night I literally passed out. I woke up and I was holding my phone and it hadn’t self locked yet.   I actually read a few more pages and then went to sleep properly.

In the last few months I have read more than I have in the last 3 -4 years combined.   I’m not up to my reading prime days, but it’s pretty much in full force.   Before I would read if I took a bath or just had a few minutes to kill.   It would take me weeks to finish any books, if I finished them at all.

Since December I’m on my third Oz book with Lex.  Most nights we do a chapter a night to calm him down.  He lies and listens.   Some days he is more interested than others.   We’ve done this he a little over a year old.   Currently we are on the sixteenth book in the series,  Kabumpo in Oz.  I wonder how far we will get before I either have to start over as he can pay more attention now or when he tells me he is done.   There are forty-two “canon” Oz books in total.

I’ve also been working on the New Jedi Order series that encompasses the Star Wars extended universe.  I used to buy all the Star Wars books as they came out.   Somewhere between 1997 and 1999 I stopped.   I just lost the interest for that time.   When I decided to get back into it I chose the NJO because it was one of the most highly acclaimed Star Wars series I missed.   I started these also in December and I’m on the eleventh book of the nineteen book series.   This is put on hold about two weeks ago  since Lex accidentally broke my Kindle case.  I don’t have a book light so I stopped reading these before bed.

I took a side track for a few days in January when I worked the first ninety-three issues of The Walking Dead.  The comic series blows away the television show.  The story is much more engaging.  It is also completely different in some ways.  The television show is like an echo of the comic.   It is not quite complete with a bitter hollowness that existed only in the original.

Last week I read through 11/22/63 which is Stephen King’s time travel novel.  I had not read any King with the exception of the Dark Tower series since Insomnia came out.   King is a great writer and storyteller.  I have never liked the fact that his book endings always seem rushed and hollow.   The journey through this book was fantastic, but the ending was logically rushed.   I’m not sure how I feel about the ending.   Under the Dome by King is one of the books I’m also working through.   We will se how that ends.

Yesterday  finished up Shadows in Flight.  It is the latest book in the Ender’s Game Universe.  It was a short read.  It took less than two hours without giving it undivided attention.   I love everything in the Enderverse, this one just felt a bit anti-climactic.  The ending also didn’t put me in a happy place.   This book was designed to set up another book coming out this summer.   I’m happy that I got something, but I’m not sure I got what I wanted from this book.

Currently in rotation of being read as the already mentioned Kabumpo in Oz, Under the Dome, and the Eleventh NJO book.   I’m also working through The Steve Jobs and Wicked (though Wicked has been in the works of being read before I started reading more in December).    I swear there is two to three more books I’ve read, but for some reason Goodreads is not displaying them properly.   It didn’t even display 11/22/63 until I hunted for it and confirmed I had marked it as read.  It just wasn’t displaying on my read list.  If I hadn’t just entered it last week it wouldn’t have been fresh in my mind that I put it in there.

What about you?  Have you been reading anything worthwhile?



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