SWG the Emu – Day 2 – Flourish

June 13, 2012

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Image from Groovefest on Intrepid in 2005

It’s strange to back to the beginning.   I’ve started over on second servers to visit, but each time the server had its own personality established.   This server is in seedling form still becoming what it will be.   Individuals are still get their footing to find their little place in the world.  Then you have the non-conformist that won’t live up to their correct role.

I play an entertainer, but I don’t buff.   I don’t believe I am at anyone’s service to fulfill buffs on a dime.   I have done it in rare instances, but as a rule – no buffing.   I consider my character an individual.  He is not a tool to help others directly.   He is there to entertain, clear mind wounds, and cure battle fatigue.   I am also grinding him back up to Master Entertainer and Master Musician.

Last night shortly after I logged in I had a strange camera issue.   The camera would only show straight above me.   If I switched it from camera mode into mouse mode, I could “bang it” in position.  I would repeatedly do micro adjustments by pushing the mouse to the top or side of the screen.   If I went back to camera mode it went back to an overhead view.  I attempted to adjust the “Chase Camera” option.  It had no effect.

I decided I could work on entertainer XP for the night.   Combat would have been too much of a pain.   I managed to get my four boxes of entertaining healing XP.   I also got almost two boxes of dancer under my belt.   One player was nice enough to also teach me all the languages.   Now I can understand all those pesky wookiees that come into the cantina.

Mostly the night was a lot of hanging out in the Mos Eisley Cantina.  I met a bunch of people.   I was in my first 20 person entertainer group since the CU hit.   The healing XP was literally just streaming across the screen.  Too bad other XP does not come so easily.

At the end of the night Xie and I met up with Imcus.   He crafted two speeder bikes for us.   I went from the cantina to the Star Port to trade with him.   How I managed that with my busted overhead camera, I’m still not sure.


Here is looking forward to night three.  I wish I would have recorded the trials and tribulations of the actual SWG launch the same way that I’m writing this now.



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