Disney Gives an Autistic Child One of The Greatest Gifts

June 18, 2012

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I saw a story from Boing Boing earlier today about an autistic eighteen year old having to let go of his favorite ride in the world, Snow White’s Scary Adventure.  I’ve been reminiscing quite a bit about Cedar Point rides lately, but nothing I could muster could compete with this man’s love for a single ride.

Disney went above and beyond for him.  There is nothing much else to add to that.   I disagree with Disney on politics and copyright enforcement, but as a father I could only hope they fulfill dreams like this for children of all ages.  I want to believe in Disney again.   I want to have the undying devotion like I did when I was a small child.   This, at least, gets me back there a bit closer.

Normally I write a post with more commentary, but I won’t waste your time. Instead I implore you to read the six-part story linked to below.   It is a fantastic read. Unless you have a heart of stone, you will not regret it.


  1. SWSA Final Night – Prelude
  2. SWSA Final Night, Part 1 – The Beginning of the End
  3. SWSA Final Night, Part 2 – The Fairest One of All
  4. SWSA Final Night, Part 3 – Counting Up, Counting Down
  5. SWSA Final Night, Part 4 – The Big Ending
  6. SWSA Final Night – Epilogue

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