SWGEMU – Week 1

June 18, 2012

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It has been one full week that I have been in the Emu.   What I want to do keeps changing in the game.   I was going to grind up Rifleman, but I didn’t have a rifle yet.   I decided to use my CDEF pistol and grind up that line for now.   Unfortunately, everything in the game hits a lot hard than I remember.

I decided try try the unarmed line to go for TKM.   This feels more natural to me now.   I’m sure it is because the entertainer was the unarmed melee class in the NGE era.  For the moment things feel correct.   It all depends on what I want to do with Creeva.   This character will be wiped once 1.0 hits, so this is more of a time to play with all the classes I never did in SWG proper.   I’m even considering trying to do Master Ranger.   That’s just crazy talk.

Yesterday I spent all my time doing surveying pseudo AFK.   I was watching the screen, but also watching Mad Men at the same time.   I made it through two boxes before I went to bed.   When I woke up this morning he had finished the third box and maxed out XP.    At least it gets ore for the city.

I could never ATK non-macro sample level – that would drive me nuts.  Of course I leveled entertainer multiple times all ATK, and that drives some people nuts.   Everyone has their own grind hatred in the game.

The crazy thing is how many of the old players form Intrepid are coming out of the wood work.  We are all working together in some shape to “put on a show” (build the city).  It is fantastic.   The community that I loved is together in some way shape or form.

I did explain to one of my flesh and blood friends that Star Wars Galaxies is the most complicated MMO every designed.   I realized that after Xie and I both spent over an hour explaining the interdependencies and what makes it more complicated, we still barely touched the surface.   It’s a game where the complications just keep going and going.

Here is a post a friend on Facebook put up:


I used to think I just looked back fondly at SWG and if I relived it, it wouldn’t measure up and I’d be disappointed. But 7 years away playing all different MMO’s, with more polish and content, creating and levelling characters, (and in the case playing them for a lot longer) I never found myself truly attached to the game, I felt attached to the people, but there was always something missing, so after 7 years, I actually finally feel… Home, there is just something about SWG that gives you that feeling.


I think that is a great synopsis.  Nothing else ever feels right.  I’ve played many other online roleplaying games.   None of them fit quite right.  They are all over simplified, or lack a true player economy, mediocre crafting system, or nothing to build a community.   I’m happy to have the old outfit that always fit perfectly back.


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