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June 29, 2012

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Image from The Original Big Wheel

Someone on Facebook today posted a picture of her son’s Safety Town graduation.  Her son was beaming and sitting there on a Big Wheel bike.  I’ve seen hundreds of Big Wheel style bikes over the years, but this one looked familiar.   It was the exact model that I used to own (identical to the one above).  The stickers were faded with all color removed, but thirty years will do that.   It just triggered memories.

Big wheel’s used to be the ride back in the day.  You may have graduated to a two-wheel bike, but you still kept your Big Wheel.  You could do all the cool little burnouts on the plastic wheels that couldn’t do on a regular bike.   In the subdivision where we lived I tore the street up with my Big Wheel. It is still one of best bikes I have ever owned.

They do make a new model of that bike, but it is heavier duty plastic.  I wonder if the wheels are heavier duty also?   By the time my brother was riding my Big Wheel the tires were starting to wear through with little pin holes.   Eventually it just died.

The main competitor to Big Wheels were Super Cycles.  These were more heavily branded fitting with the Thomas the Train style one my son has.   Super Cycles added in the hand brake.   While you could lock up your wheels and skid out on a Big Wheel, the hand brake added a new level of craziness.   Unfortunately I never got one.

Image from

In the ad above you can see the Knight Rider one.   I really wanted that one.   It was never meant to be.   I rode one once at a sleepover.   It was fantastic.   The only other one I really wanted was the Dukes of Hazzard model. I don’t think it had the hand brake or anything though.   It just was orange with the confederate flag branding.   I was just really into the Dukes of Hazzard at the time.

I’m almost tempted to go by my son of the new models.   I don’t think he’ll get the same kick out of it that I did.   It’s sad, but that’s progress.   Big Wheels Forever!

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