Goodbye Lifestream

June 30, 2012

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For years I ran a lifestream on my site.   I started the stream because it would take all the events I did in a single day and save them in a tidy WordPress blog post.   I would then have something to reference for any given day.   The autoposting stopped working somewhere around two years ago.

I kept the lifestream up and I would see the occasional hit on the site.   Most came from my articles I did write about lifestreaming, but some were just curious observers.   I adjusted it so I received a daily email synopsis of what I did during the day, but it stopped being a public post.   It was something I was archiving and keeping so my son could have a record (good or bad) of his father.

I archive everything to email.   I have a glut of information and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m in the top 1% of email box sizes.  I hoard my words and actions in hopes that someday they will be of interest to someone.  I’m also very efficient and organized.   So while I may have a huge archive, I’m normally sitting at around five messages in my inbox at any given time.

Recently I have discovered a method to take all this information I have been attempting to lifestream and placed it into Google Calendar.   With this I no longer need custom phone apps to view the stream.  I don’t have to overstress my hosting provider with all the cron jobs and PHP calls.   It just works and shows up in proper chronological order (for the most part).

So to make my site more efficient I have removed the lifestream, that you probably never paid attention to anyways.   The benefit is that the site might be a bit faster.   The database will be a quite a bit leaner.   My life is more organized.


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