Backing Up Dropbox to Google Drive or Skydrive

July 1, 2012

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I use Dropbox to share files with friends and for use with third-party mobile  or web applications.   Very few applications have an API that directly interfaces with Google Google Drive.  The problem is that I store all my documents on Google Drive.   I have a 200GB paid account that I love.

I have files that I can get access to anywhere.   I can do mobile editing on any device with a web browser.   It just rocks.   It became better once they had a native client to sync down to the desktop.  I don’t sync all the folders down to my laptop (space limitations), but I do have a couple.   This was supposed to make Drive the Dropbox killer.   But, it hasn’t.

Being able to go to random web application that has Dropbox support has made Dropbox ubiquitous for file storage.   Unfortunately, I don’t want to spend the monthly amount to have 200GB of storage with them.   I came up with a solution this week that allows me to live in both worlds.   I moved my local Dropbox folder into the Google Drive folder.

This configuration allows me to sync all those little file changes to both services at once.   In theory you could have a different Dropbox account for each computer you installed Google Drive on and have these folders on multiple devices.   The only problem I came up with this configuration is that most users don’t have paid storage and have the default 5GB of space.

Then I remembered that I also have a (empty) Skydrive account.  For users that want similar functionality you can do the same configuration with Skydrive, which gives you 25GB free.  If you are looking for cheap online storage and you are not Google ingrained, Skydrive might be your solution.   Both of these solutions work on Mac, Windows, and some mobile devices.

The only thing I am concerned about with this setup is possible file locking issues.   So far I have not seen any problems with that, but I wouldn’t rule it out.   Has anyone else attempted this setup and had any problems?

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