The Real Ghostbusters Still Holds Up

July 3, 2012

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A week ago I posted the following tweet:

My wife just said The Real Ghostbusters was just ok – I don’t even know her anymore

It started as a joke, but sometimes there are cartoons that you remembered as being great.   You get a chance to catch them again, and the magic is gone.   I’ve been heartbroken by watching eighties He-Man as an adult.   It was one of those cartoons that I was obsessed with as a child.   There terrible animation and script writing do not hold up to my adult viewing (and I was a superfan!!).  If I watched The Real Ghostbusters again would I love it?  Would I loath it and curse ever trying to recapture the magic?   There was only one way to find out.

I’ve been working through the first season and I can say that it holds up.   It holds up well enough that I really don’t care if we ever truly get a Ghostbusters III.   They can do stuff in the cartoon that never would work on film.  The script writing mixes action and humor almost as well as the movies.   The quality of the animation is ahead of most other cartoons of the time.   It is still fantastic.

You could argue about the Slimer character being a main on the show.  He is there for comic relief, but isn’t really in every episodes.   I think they just wanted someone for the Venkman character to rant against.   Bill Murray did so well in the live-action version that they wanted a reason to have the cartoon version rant regularly.

If you get a chance to go back and watch them, don’t be afraid.   Don’t worry that your childhood is going to be traumatized by opening a door that should remain closed.   The bonus is that Lex loves it, so it can still appeal to children.

The intro:

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