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July 19, 2012

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It all started innocently enough.   It was just some good-natured ribbing.   I just had to take it to the next level.  In two – three weeks I will see the result of that level.

Over the last couple years my wife and my best friend have teased me about my data backup methods.   I keep redundant copies of all images and my writings.   I lose nothing.   I live and die by email, but I don’t rely that on that for everything.   Once we get done with how I’m backing up whatever new web service this week, the question turns to “What are you going to do when the zombie apocalypse strikes and there is no more Internet or computers?”.  I never had a real answer for this.

I don’t think the apocalypse is coming in my lifetime, but what if it does.   How do I pass my stories down to my children and grand-children (for whom I record all those personal moments online that others don’t share).   I had to do something about it.   I decided I was going to publish a book.

With so many services online for on-demand publishing it was time.  I would have a hard copy that would outlive the Internet.   I knew the books weren’t cheap, but I wanted something that was pleasing to the eye.   I decided not only would I include my blog posts, I would include select pictures and status updates.   This would allow for whoever is reading it, to get a feel for who I am.  I just had to find a publisher.

After I was done searching I decided I  I knew my book was going to at least cost me fifty to one hundred dollars.   I knew I wanted it in hard cover.   I knew I was going to break down each year as a separate volume.  In the end the order (with shipping and twenty-five percent off) came to seventy dollars.   This includes a standard 8×11 landscape book with an image wrapped hardcover.   I also upgraded to the top of the line paper for the inside.

The book is one hundred and twenty pages long.   It includes my standard status messages from twitter through-out 2011.   The status message pages mark the beginning of each month in the book.  It has select pictures (240 of them) within the month.   Finally it has almost all my blog posts from 2011.   The book was all about me – of course I would pay seventy dollars for it.   Vanity gets to the best of us.

It will arriving by August second.   I’m assuming if it does arrive you can expect a blog post about the quality shortly after.   Blurb has received many positive reviews, I hope I’m as happy as those that have reviewed it in the past.  If I’m happy then I’ll be doing the remaining years – or looking for another publisher.

Xie and Bri – this is how my data survives the holocaust.


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