All Geeked Out Resurrected From The Dead

July 23, 2012

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A year ago there one of my friends (Duesr), had a radio show on the local community college radio station.   He graduated.   This meant that there were no more episodes of his show All Geeked Out. For months I told him he should do a podcast to keep it going.   I wasn’t the only one.   Tonight he did his inaugural episode.  It’s rough.  It’s raw.   He will develop and this will be the show to watch.   Get in on the ground floor now.

In his first episode he comments on the Dark Knight Rises.  He even discusses my article that I posted earlier.   Friend nepotism for blog karma is the best blog karma.   He then discusses the Superman trailer release and the first comic he bought.

He talks a bit at length over the Tabletop gaming app (plugin?) designed for Google Plus.   He ends the show covering his new articles, mugging for the camera, and a monkey riding a pig.   How could you refuse to watch?

He is funny.  He is witty. He knows how to appeal to the geek.

You can reach Duesr at the following sites:

Homepage –

Twitter – Duesr

Facebook – John Duesenberry

Reach out to him and help give him the incentive to keep this going.


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