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July 31, 2012

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Back on July 19, I wrote about how I was publishing a year in review for myself in hard cover format.   I ordered the book on July 19 through For reference I chose 10×8 standard landscape with the image wrapped cover and proline pearl photo paper.   The book was one hundred and twenty pages long.

Even though this was costing $70.00, I was using it as a test print.   If I didn’t like something I was prepared to tweak it and order another copy.   My biggest concern was not choosing their large landscape format.   I wasn’t sure if I was going to be happy with the smaller version.   Since the change would have pushed the book to over $100.00, I decided to test with the smaller format first.  It was a good decision.

It arrived via Fedex on Saturday while we were out.  It was a bright spot in a terrible weekend.   We managed to pick it up on our way to drop my son off to his grandmother’s.   He was captivated to see a printed book with pictures of himself in there.  He though I had to take him from him as he was about to crease a page. My mother-in-law also thought it was great.   She didn’t know technology had progressed that far yet.


I have no complaints about the quality of the book.   The paper upgrade was definitely worth it.  To be fair I haven’t seen the other paper options.  I am confident enough it what I have seen that I wouldn’t change it up.   The pictures look fantastic on it.   Any flaw in the pictures was based on the fact that ninety-nine percent of them were taken with the iPhone.   Most of the pictures however are crisp.

Xie doesn’t like my font choices, but I stand by them.   I found everything crisp.   While I haven’t gone through every single page with a fine tooth comb, I haven’t noticed any smearing (I thought I would at least one spot).   The heavy paper once again gives the pages a nice weight and let’s the text pop just the slightest bit.

After going through the quality of the book, we are planning a possibly four other volumes per year.   One volume will be Lex, it will just start out as pictures of him and hopefully later volumes will include his own writing and creations.  Xie is looking to also do one of her own.  Finally we would do a family photo album/ scrapbook of the year.

All covers will be image wrapped with the same color so you can spot the year easily.  I also have a family heirloom that I can pass down that is worth something.   It will contain my words, my thoughts, and my images hopefully the great grandkids I may never meet.   They will also get the digital copy, but they can also point to the family books on the shelf.   The medium may also express part of the message of who I was.

If you are debating between different vendors I can’t state my satisfaction enough with   Nine days with the cheapest shipping option from a design on the computer to a hard cover in my hand.   You have the option of paying more and receiving the book sooner.   Technology is an amazing thing.

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